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    We have had great launches in 2018 with our new areas opening up in Yorkshire. Below are the dates to all of the meetings in 2019 (except York).

    In summary every month :
    • 1st Wednesday is Bradford (except Jan)
    • 2nd Tuesday is Leeds (except Jan)
    • 3rd Wednesday is Wakefield (except Jan)
    • 3rd Monday is Huddersfield (except Jan)
    • Last Tuesday is Harrogate

    Dates for 2019 for Bradford on 1st Wednesday :
    9th Jan
    6th Feb
    6th Mar
    3rd April
    1st May
    5th June
    3rd July
    7th Aug
    4th Sept
    2nd October
    6th Nov
    4th Dec

    Dates for Leeds on 2nd Tuesday :
    15th Jan
    12th Feb
    12th Mar
    9th April
    14th May
    11th June
    9th July
    13th Aug
    10th Sept
    8th Oct
    12th Nov
    10th Dec

    Dates for Huddersfield on 3rd Monday :
    21st Jan
    18th Feb
    18th Mar
    15th April
    20th May
    17th June
    15th July
    19th Aug
    16th Sept
    21st Oct
    18th Nov
    16th Dec

    Dates for Wakefield on 3rd Wednesday:
    16th Jan
    20th Feb
    20th Mar
    17th April
    15th May
    19th June
    17th July
    21th Aug
    18th Sept
    16th Oct
    20th Nov
    11th Dec

    Dates for 2019 for Harrogate on last Tuesday :
    29th Jan
    26th Feb
    26th Mar
    30th April
    28th May
    25th June
    30th July
    27th Aug
    24th Sept
    29th Oct
    26th Nov
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