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    It isn’t all work! That time of year is approaching when we begin to slow down.

    The night sky is dark and the weather is dry; perfect for Stargazing. Switch the lights off, draw curtains, wrap up warm, go outdoors and look up! WOW ...

    Your eyes take a couple of minutes to adjust to darkness then you'll see stars, constellations, planets, satellites and moon!

    The Sun is the nearest star to Earth. Avoid looking directly at it, even through telescope or binoculars; it’s so bright and could damage your eye sight either temporary or permanently.

    The Moon controls all of the World’s oceans and why we have low and high tides.

    Stars are a glimpse to the past as light travels so many Stars are thousands of light years away from us.

    Stargazing brings science and nature together and best of all ... it’s entirely free and available to all!

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