The myth of 'no flies in winter' !!

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    There are no flies in winter !!

    I will hear this on a daily basis over the next few months. However this isn't correct. Did you know there are over 7,000 species of flies in the British Isles, and although we may not notice the smallest ones, many of them remain active throughout the year.

    One winter fly that often attracts attention is the cluster fly. Like all insects they don’t truly hibernate, but enter a state of diapause, which slows down their development and appetite, until temperatures rise and they become active again. So in a warm and working commercial kitchen flies will be active throughout the year.

    We recently serviced a unit in a working kitchen and found all different types of flying insects stuck to the catchment board. No flies in winter ? here's the proof !

    So it's essential that people do not turn off their fly control units over winter. If they are unhappy about seeing flies being 'zapped' in a food production area, or they are unsure their zapper is performing, ask them them to give me a call.

    Thanks, Laurence

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